Carson Lambring and Emma Winks welcomed the opportunity to attend Jay Wolf’s Star Shooter Camp at Brownstown Central High School on Thursday.

Lambring, who started for the varsity basketball team at the end of his sophomore season and throughout his junior year said he wants to improve his shooting percentage this coming winter and feels the shooting clinic will be beneficial.

“I want to help my shooting percentage,” he said. “I shot pretty decent last year, but I’d like to bring my percentage up this year. I’d like to shoot 55 percent (on 3s). I’d like to play college basketball, and I’d like to hit more.”

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The incoming senior is playing AAU basketball this summer with a team based in Bedford.

“I basically live in the gym in the summer,” Lambring siad. “I’ll play a lot of basketball this summer.

“I’ve been playing basketball my whole life, so I’m trying to pick up on some little things to help my shot, anything I can get to help my senior year.”

Camp instructor Ryan Wolf, who is based out of Houston, Texas, said he travels throughout the country giving the camps.

“We have several scheduled,” he said. “In the next two weeks I’ll be in Idaho, California, Iowa, Minnesota and New Mexico. We go all over and the Midwest. My dad (Jay) has been doing them. We have a lot of camps lined up.

“It’s all about teaching them the mechanics, the right way to shoot the basketball, and teach them the right way how to practice, so when we leave they’re practicing the right way using their mechanics. The mechanics is so instrumental of them shooting the right way. We strictly teach the shooting part of it.”

All the campers received a video that showed them the correct way to shoot.

Winks, a left-hander, said she had a copy of the video at home and has been watching it.

“They have repetition stuff, so I will keep trying to go over the stuff to correct my shot,” she said. “I think the camp will help a lot of people get better and bring our team together.”

Winks will be a freshman at Brownstown Central this fall, attended the camp because, “I always like to try and push myself. I thought this would really help me. I always try to go ‘up to the elevator,’ and I don’t always flip my wrist, so I always have to remember to flip my wrist.

“I’ve played basketball since the third grade, so it’s just part of my life. It kind of helps me relax.”

The campers were also given a card titled “Four keys to be a Star Shooter,” and on the card it says, “Success is all about details” and Nothing good comes easy.”

“Diagnose missed shots with the three R’s: rim, reason and remedy.”

It tells how to correct shots that are hitting the front or back or right side or left side of the rim, the reason the shot is off center and the remedy on how to correct the shot.

There were two sessions to the camp Thursday with 80 fourth- to seventh-graders attending the morning session, and 79 eighth- to 12th-graders in the afternoon.

“The purpose of the camp is to improve their shooting and let them get focused in on the techniques of shooting proper form and just to get them to where they are being perfect in their shot,” said Marty Young, boys JV basketball coach at Brownstown Central.

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Arv Koontz is a sports correspondent for The (Seymour) Tribune.