Father’s Day Walk and Talk

Father’s Day is Sunday.

We visited Shields Park in Seymour to ask people, “What is the best advice your father has given you?”

Here’s what some people shared.

“Trust in God just in life in general. That would be the best advice he gave me.”

Crystal Ackeret of Seymour said of her father, Jack Carroll

“My dad always told us four kids ‘Be the best you could be at whatever you attempt.’ We grew up in the military. That was the character of my dad.”

Susan Ackeret of Seymour said of her father, Terry Motsinger

“The best thing to do is accept Jesus and have salvation. That was probably the most important thing he told me. When I was 21, I accepted Christ.”

Mike Gerth of Seymour of his father, Jim Gerth

“He told me I want to be thankful for everything. I want to tell him that I’m thankful and that I love you.”

Aiko Adachi of Seymour of her father, Kunio Kano

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Zach Spicer is a reporter for The (Seymour) Tribune. He can be reached at zspicer@tribtown.com or 812-523-7080.