State offering credit for air conditioner use

The state is offering a $75 credit to eligible households to help pay for higher electric bills when air conditioners are in use during the summer.

The program, aimed at helping those living below or near the poverty line, give families aid with utilities during the summer months.

The 2016 Summer Cooling Program began Friday and ends Aug. 12, according to The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority.

The agency says local service providers also will have a limited number of air conditioners available to those with medical needs.

The cooling aid is made available under the Low Income Energy Assistance Program that also provides utility bill help during the winter months.

The winter program ended May 13 and provided 103,200 households with warmth during the winter months, providing, on average, $300 worth of benefits per household.

For information, application guidelines and starting the application process contact Human Services at 812-522-8718.