Area bridges restricted to single lane

Indiana Department of Transportation’s specialty contractor for thin bridge deck overlays is restricting motorists to single lanes at four U.S. 50 structures west of Brownstown.

Operations are currently underway at the U.S. 50 bridge spanning an overflow of White River 0.72 miles east of SR 135’s north leg.

The overlay project introduces a new type of traffic control device. Portable traffic signals at either end of the bridge use radar to detect vehicular movement — extending “green light” durations when longer queues are present.

The new Doppler technology replaces “timed” signals that control one-direction-at-a-time lane access. Because they are solar-powered, the new signals eliminate requirements for electrical connections at remote locations.

RAM Construction, the contractor for this $579,156 Seymour District project, is applying 3/8th-inch polymeric deck overlays at the U.S. 50 bridges near Brownstown. A polymeric epoxy is placed in two lifts over prepared bridge deck to seal the pavement from water intrusion and harmful ultraviolet rays. Flint chips mix with the epoxy to provide a long lasting, high-friction driving surface for motorists’ safety.

The other three structures to be overlaid are:

  • U.S. 50 bridge over East Fork White River, 1.75 miles east of North State Road 135
  • U.S. 50 bridge over White River overflow located 1.3 miles east of North State Road 135
  • U.S. 50 bridge over CSX railroad tracks located 0.42 miles west of South of State Road 135W at Brownstown
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