New radio station comes on line

WZZB 1390 began simulcasting all programming on a new 24-hour FM frequency, 99.3, on Monday.

In January 2016, the FCC opened a window of filings for AM station owners to apply for an FM translator signal if available in a market’s coverage area to allow the AM frequency to be broadcasted on an FM signal, according to a news release from WZZB owners Blair and Kelly Trask.

Owners could purchase that signal, giving the AM station an opportunity for coverage within the same market using the FM translator station while continuing to broadcast on the AM 1390 channel. The FM frequency will not have to be turned down in the evening, giving listeners WZZB coverage 24/7.

This FM frequency allows listeners to enjoy programming WZZB offers on an FM Channel 24/7, which includes adult/contemporary/pop music, The Dave Ramsey Show, Trinity Lutheran High School sports and news from Bud Shippee.