Representing the Hoosier State, Noah McAfee planned to put team Pennsylvania on notice when he stepped on the gridiron.

He and his squad didn’t disappoint.

McAfee played under center and as a corner for 5-Star Sports’ team Indiana at the State Wars 7th-Grade All-Star game July 22 at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Indiana defeated the Pennsylvania team 44-18.

At quarterback, McAfee finished 3 for 4 with 140 yards and two touchdowns — including an 80-yard score — and ran the ball 10 times for 97 yards.

McAfee said he thrives at the position and he had a strong supporting cast at the game, where he shared time at quarterback.

“I like that I’m able to lead the team at QB,” McAfee said. “Football is something I love. I love the contact and the adrenaline rush when you score. I had some pretty good teammates. We all bonded at practices. At the game, we buckled down.”

On defense, McAfee had six tackles, one sack, four passes defended and with three quarterback hurries.

McAfee recently was approached to join the 5-Star team at a football game by the father of JJ Montgomery, a Seymour player a grade below McAfee who has played in previous all-star games.

“I started throwing the ball around at halftime during a game, and he asked if I wanted to join the team for 5-star,” McAfee said. “I went to the camp and made the team.”

McAfee said he started his football journey in Madison, Ohio, in the fourth grade at a Boys and Girls Club.

After moving and before joining Seymour’s middle school team last year, McAfee played football in Jennings County.

The incoming eighth-grader at Seymour Middle School said he also played for the Seymour Area Youth Football League this past fall.

This December, McAfee will again represent Seymour — but on a much larger scale.

His next big football travel will take him to Dallas to play in an All-American game.

Last year, JJ Montgomery attended the game in Texas.

At that game, Montgomery was the only member of the sixth-grade team from Indiana. Members of the sixth-grade team included players from 27 states.

McAfee hopes that football will continue to be a focus for years to come.

“I would like to play through high school and into college,” McAfee said. “If I get to play in college, we will see where I go from there.”

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Jordan Morey is sports editor at The (Seymour) Tribune. He can be reached at or 812-523-7069.