Work set to begin on new housing

A developer plans to begin construction this fall on the next phase of a project to bring more housing to Seymour.

With the completion of Burkart Crossing luxury apartments on the city’s northeast side, Jeff Bush of Bushmann LLC in Columbus is ready to begin work on a neighboring 104-lot subdivision.

The Meadows was first presented along with plans for Burkart Crossing in the spring of 2014.

Bush received unanimous approval this month from the Seymour Plan Commission for the site plan for The Meadows.

Bushmann LLC owns the property and is working with Landwater Group Inc. of Columbus on the single-family high-end housing development.

Nothing has changed from the earlier plan, Bush said, except for the proposed name of one of the subdivision’s roads, Dogwood Lane, because it too closely resembled the name of an existing road in the city, Dogwood Trail.

Instead of using Dogwood Lane, it will be Coreopsis Lane, Bush said.

There will be five other roads within the subdivision including Meadow Run, Wildflower Lane, Bluebird Lane, Redbud Lane and Sunflower Court. All roads and sewer infrastructure will be dedicated to the city when complete and inspected, so they are public and not privately owned, Bush said.

The subdivision will encompass just more than 57 acres to the north, north east and west of the apartment complex and have entry and exit points on O’Brien Street, Enos Road and Burkart Boulevard.

The development will significantly reduce the amount of runoff and flooding in the area with two dry detention ponds to hold water, improving drainage for residents in the nearby Martha’s Vineyard subdivision too, Bush said.

The subdivision is expected to cost around $4 million to develop, not including building the homes, which will be completed by private contractors.

Bush hopes to see construction of some homes begin in October with sale prices starting at $250,000.

The housing addition will be built in two phases, with the biggest — about 80 lots — to come first on the far north portion of the property, adjacent to Enos Road and O’Brien Street. The smaller phase will include 25 lots and have entry from Burkart Boulevard.

Lots range from around 13,000 square feet to nearly 40,000 square feet.

The project is about a year behind schedule due to several circumstances including wet weather and slower than expected apartment rentals at the 200+ unit Burkart Crossing, Bush said.

Originally, the apartments were proposed as a solution to needed housing for young engineers being hired by Cummins Seymour Engine Plant and Technical Center. Many of those employees, however, are being bused to Seymour from Columbus and back.

Bush said most of the tenants at Burkart Crossing are from other local companies.

The Meadows will be the largest subdivision to be built in the city since Wally Pfaffenberger developed the nearly 90-lot Hoevener Addition south of Walmart. It also was built in phases beginning in 2006. The last 18 lots were developed in 2014.

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January Rutherford is a reporter for The (Seymour) Tribune. She can be reached at or 812-523-7069.