Trinity Lutheran’s boys soccer team didn’t have the depth to match Oldenburg Academy and lost 6-0 on a hot field Monday afternoon.

Trinity played the match with just 11 healthy players as two of the Cougars are sidelined with injuries.

Oldenburg had 11 seniors listed on its roster of 30.

The Twisters made it 1-0 at 33:10, then added two more goals at 21:35 and 18:20.

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Trinity’s best chance to score in the first half was off a corner kick by Andrew Emily with 12:30 remaining.

The Twisters added a goal with 1:33 left in the half, then scored twice in the first 10 minutes of the second half. Stuart Lamping scored two goals for Oldenburg.

“In our postgame talk we had one or two things as far as how we played, the mistakes we made,” Cougars coach Brandan Tabeling said. “For the most part we just focused on the fact that it’s unrealistic to expect 11 men to be able to play an 80-minue game in 100-degree heat, with two water breaks halfway through (each half). That’s not an excuse. Oldenburg is a great team, and even at 100 percent it would be a rough matchup against them. We can’t hold anything against these guys. All 11 of them were out there for the entire 80 minutes.”

Noah Criswell had a penalty kick with 30:30 remaining, but it was stopped by the Oldenburg goalie, and AJ Goecker had a header with 16:20 remaining that was stopped by the goal at the left side post.

The Cougars also had a corner at 8:30.

Trinity attempted 11 shots during the match, while the Twisters attempted 32. Jacob Keith had eight saves in the first half, and Emily had four saves in the second half.

Tabeling said the Cougars’ ball movement has been a plus.

“Our combination passing in the middle of the field is going great,” he said. “Noah Criswell is stepping up in the middle of the field, winning the ball out of the air. I think he probably averages hitting the ground 10 or 15 times a game just standing in the middle of the field, taking it like a man, getting hit by their biggest players and getting right back up and taking it for the whole 80 minutes.

“We take our hard work as a positive, but that wasn’t the only thing. We still see our defense working hard. We pulled our goal keeper (Keith) out in the second half and let him run around on top and he gave their defense fits because he was physical and he got the ball with his feet.”

The Cougars (1-3) are scheduled to play at Christian Academy today.

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Arv Koontz is a sports correspondent for The (Seymour) Tribune.