BILOXI, Miss. — A former Harrison County supervisor who pleaded guilty to bribery is asking President Barack Obama to let him out of prison.

Kim Savant pleaded guilty without indictment to taking $1,500 a month in bribes from contractor Sean Anthony while serving on the board of the county’s utility authority. He got the maximum five-year sentence.

Anthony was indicted in February 2015. He pleaded guilty that March to one count of conspiracy to commit bribery, and got house arrest.

Savant’s application for clemency cites his age — he is in his 60s — his health problems, and his acceptance of responsibility.

The president has commuted hundreds of federal sentences this year, but most were sentences for drug crimes.

“The issue in my mind is that no one is speaking for the ‘white collar’ crowd,” Savant wrote in an email to the Sun Herald ( ). “We have no seat at the table.

“If there is a case for reform it must include ALL first time, nonviolent offenders. If the discussion is about lowering incarceration numbers this is the group that should be front and center. And, Executive Clemency should be considered for ALL those that request it, not just minority drug offenders.”

Savant will be released no later than March 2020.

But he said continued prison time is only punishment, not rehabilitation.

He told the Sun Herald that he knows he deserved punishment. “My problem is it doesn’t take 60 months for me to learn my lesson (and among the white collar offenders I am not alone in that feeling.)”

Information from: The Sun Herald,