TOPEKA, Kan. — U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison has introduced federal legislation that would require schools to provide fuller disclosure of their campus gun laws.

The Lawrence Journal-World ( ) reports that the proposed law would require federally-funded universities to publish their gun policies on their websites and in other promotional materials. Presently, Kansas law allows concealed carry by anyone who is legally eligible to own a gun. The state also enacted a law requiring public post-secondary institutions in the state to allow carrying concealed weapons on campus.

Ellison introduced the legislation after Minnesota resident Marti Priest contacted Ellison with concerns regarding the University of Kansas’ lack of disclosure its campus gun rules. Priest is both a KU alumna and a mother of a KU student, Erik Nelson. After Nelson discovered the university would comply with the state’s conceal carry law from a professor rather than the school itself, Nelson and Priest approached Ellison for help.

“I don’t think that’s how parents should find out that concealed carry is going to be allowed on their kids’ campus,” Priest said.

University of Kansas officials say they have not yet decided what their specific policy will be, though they have one more month to put together a draft proposal to be approved by the Kansas Board of Regents.

A university spokesman said KU’s policy will address such specific issues as whether to allow concealed carry, or install security, at sports facilities. It will also address how much discretion professors and instructors have in allowing students to carry concealed weapons into meetings in their private offices.

Nelson has since become active in two campus organizations that are working to oppose the concealed carry gun law.

“Students have a right to know if their fellow students are bringing guns to class,” Ellison said. “The Campus Gun Policy Transparency Act allows them and their families to make informed decisions about the safety of their college campuses.”

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