ST. LOUIS — The University of Missouri said Wednesday it’ll now allow students to change their names on their student ID, transcript and diploma.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ( ) reported that effective immediately, students can get a new ID with their preferred name. This comes two years after allowing students to change their first and middle names on class rosters and their student email. There’s no timetable on when transcripts and diplomas will reflect name changes. Alumni will also have the opportunity to have their transcripts or diploma reprinted with an alternative name.

“We think it’s long overdue and should have been done with those changes a few years ago, but we’re so happy it’s (happening),” said Jack Miller, University of Missouri junior and communications officer for the campus’ Triangle Coalition, which forms part of the campus’ LGBT organizations.

University spokesman Christian Basi said the change is something administrators have wanted for quite some time.

Students can change their names to anything they want, including a name that’s typically associated with a different gender, as long as it’s not derogatory. A name change is free, but there’s a fee of $15 with replacing a student ID.

The Triangle Coalition argued that charging transgender students the fee is unfair.

“We will be talking to administrators about this. We think it makes more sense to charge the much smaller fee of a few dollars that incoming freshmen pay,” said Miller.

According to Basi the change is necessary because of the technology used inside the cards. The campus ID cards are used to pay for meals in dining halls and to get into some campus buildings.

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