Letter: Flags from past should not hold us back

To the editor:

Earlier this year southern flags had sent chills down my spine. I did not know why.

Now that I’ve made the connection between the dog whistle signals to Alt Right, a branch of the radical right aligned with the old KKK, the southern flags don’t send chills down my spine as they did.

Now I look at the young drivers of those trucks, wishing they could take another semester of civics or spend time listening to the problems of the town or county council or commissioners.

Just one of two meetings with the library board or either one of our two political parties to see the number of citizens that work to make the wheels go around — even their church board or school board meetings would enlighten, maybe even inspire some to take an active part in making southern Indiana more than a pretty place to visit, quaint villages in the fall when the leaves blaze and dance.

Let those flags not intimidate thinking voters, but move us forward, not stuck in the past imperfect, but moving us toward a less tense future. If you are a citizen, you have a duty to support your best choice to make out city, county, state and nation better. Think. Vote.

(Voter registration ends Oct. 11)

Nancy Wolter