Local sports scoreboard – October 4

Middle school sports


Eighth grade

Brownstown Central;25;25


Brownstown Central: Leading servers: Kendra McCory, Alli Reynolds, Meghan Turner. Leading hitters: Kayla Guthrie, Myka Keltz.

Lutheran Invitational Tournament

Immanuel Lutheran def. White Creek, Calvary and St. Peter’s Columbus in pool play.

Immanuel Lutheran;25;25

St. John Lutheran Indianapolis;10;19

Immanuel Lutheran;25;25

Lutheran Central;13;14


Immanuel Lutheran;25;25

St. John’s Lutheran Sauers;20;14

Record: Immanuel Lutheran 21-0

Boys tennis

Brownstown Central 3, Immanuel Lutheran 2

No. 1 singles: Reece Carlin (BC) def. Cameron Gruenwald (IL), 8-2.

No. 2 singles: Coleton Shasteen (BC) def. Ryan Kleman (IL), 8-5.

No. 3 singles: Andrew Wheeles (BC) def. Tryson Luedeman (IL), 8-0.

No. 1 doubles: Jack VonDielingen and Reuben Kruse (IL) def. Griffin Stidam and Joshua Rogers (BC), 9-8.

No. 2 doubles: Hunter Heckman and Conner Sims (IL) def. Nick Minton and Cash Sumpter (BC), 8-5.

Exhibition: Gavin Grimes (IL) def. Brandon Hamm (BC), 6-0; Luke Pollert and Eamon Shaw (BC) def. William Rudzinski and Trevor Alberring (IL), 6-1; Dylan Minton and Holden Tovey (BC) won 7-6; Landon Hehman and David Pate (BC) lost 6-4.

Brownstown Central 5, Austin 0

No. 1 singles: Carlin (BC) def. Gavin Parker (A), 8-5.

No. 2 singles: Shasteen (BC) def. Josh Gabbard (A), 8-5.

No. 3 singles: Wheeles (BC) def. Daulton Brilles (A), 8-2.

No. 1 doubles: Stidam and Rogers (BC) def. Nick Henderson and Blaze Sebastian (A), 8-4.

No. 2 doubles: D. Minton and Pollert (BC) def. Andy Henderson and Payton Terry (A), 8-1.

Brownstown Central exhibition: N. Minton lost 6-3; Hamm and Hehman lost 6-2; Pate and Tovey lost 6-0; Shaw and Sumpter won 6-2.

Brownstown Central 3, Salem 2

No. 1 singles: Carlin (BC) won 8-1.

No. 2 singles: Shasteen (BC) lost 8-4.

No. 3 singles: Wheeles (BC) won 9-8.

No. 1 doubles: Stidam and Rogers (BC) lost 8-6.

No. 2 doubles: D. Minton and Pollert (BC) won 8-1.

Brownstown Central exhibition: D. Minton lost 6-3; Pate and Tovey won 6-2; Hamm and Hehman lost 6-2; Shaw and N. Minton lost 6-3.


Seventh grade

Brownstown Central 32, Oolitic 0

Brownstown Central: Scoring: Shannon Barger 14-yard run, Levi Stahl 4-yard run, Trapper Dean 13-yard run, Luke Darlage 8-yard run, Wyatt Steward 2-point conversion, Kiernan Tiemeyer 2-point conversion, Brandon Reynolds 2-point conversion, Reese Henry 2-point conversion. Passing: Tiemeyer completed two passes for 47 yards. Interceptions: Nick Goecker, Jake Pauley. Fumble recovery: Barger.

Record: Brownstown Central 3-3.

Eighth grade

Brownstown Central 28, Oolitic 0

Brownstown Central: Scoring leader: Lucas Hines three rushing TDs, two 2-point conversions. Passing: Nathan Koch 107 yards. Rushing leaders: Hines 190 yards, Justin Howard 102 yards. Receiving leader: Ethan Shirley two catches for 49 yards. Tackle leader: Hines 9. Interception: Shirley. Fumble recovery: Treyton Ream.