Central Christian group learns about Dominican Republic

The Loyal Devoir Society of Central Christian Church in Seymour met Sept. 27.

President Lucy Dembek called the meeting to order and thanked Cindy Bach and her group for the preparation of decorations and refreshments.

Janice Brock gave devotions on “The Basket of Apples,” followed by prayer.

The June and August minutes were read and approved.

Betty Guinn reported a balance of $2,242.74 in the treasury. She read three thank-you notes for donations.

Brock made a motion to donate money to Mental Health America of Jackson County, Hoosier Christian Village and Sertoma for Christmas gifts.

Salesperson Bonnie Koontz conducted a sale Sept. 11. Loretta Riehle presented the board report.

Dembek introduced her sister, Donna Sullivan, who talked about her experiences in the Dominican Republic. She and several kids and adults from Seymour Christian Church worked with kids in sport camps and spiritual guidance classes in July.

The group’s Christmas dinner will be at 6 p.m. Dec. 6 at the Airport Cafe.

Brock reported the old refrigerator had given out and asked the group to help pay for a new one for the church. A motion was made and passed to pay about half of the cost.

The meeting closed with the Mizpah Benediction.