Letter: Disagreement does not mean hatred

To the editor:

In response to the Oct. 5 letter from Bill Kendall, while I don’t disagree with Mike Pence’s point of view that unvetted Syrian refugees shouldn’t be allowed into the state, I think that the logic displayed in this letter shows exactly what is wrong with the way people are thinking this election season.

The suggestion that Tanya Walton Pratt or President Obama hate America because they choose to follow federal and international law is very ignorant.

I have a feeling that Mr. Kendall’s problem lies more with the fact that these two are on the left end of the political spectrum than anything based in reality.

Left or right the vast majority of us want what is best for this country and the world. America does indeed have a responsibility to protect these people because it was America who has, for more than 20 years, used their land as a proxy war zone to the former USSR and Russia.

I understand peoples’ apprehension to letting the refugees in.

Germany’s refugee problem stands out as a reason to not want this. However, thinking that someone who disagrees with you just hates America, or are in cahoots to destroy the nation, is absolutely ludicrous.

We must all learn to think outside of our comfort zones and outside of our echo-chamber internet forums to really grasp how to deal with these problems.

Kaleb Elijah Herndon