Every October, the Don and Dana Myers Cancer Center in Seymour and WJAA Radio 96.3 FM and its sponsors team up for a community fundraiser.

This year’s campaign is called “Faith, Hope, Love: Conquering Cancer,” and T-shirts featuring that slogan are being sold in the hopes of raising money to fight cancer.

“This is the first year for the T-shirts,” said Robert Becker, general manager of WJAA. “In the past, we have done pink light bulbs and Christmas ornaments. So far, the shirts are selling like crazy.”

Becker, along with the WJAA staff, generated the idea for the T-shirt fundraiser.

“We have always appreciated the fundraising ideas that Robert and his staff create and market,” said Rexanne Ude, who is in her 10th year of serving as executive director of the Schneck Foundation.

“They have created other ideas in the past such as the ‘Pink Houses’ campaign,” Ude added. “This was selling pink light bulbs during the month of October and encouraging the community to install the bulbs as porch lights during the month.”

Becker is asking the community to wear the shirts Oct. 21 in solidarity for cancer awareness and to raise funds for the Don and Dana Myers Cancer Center.

The special day will be called “Wear Your Colors to Conquer Cancer Friday.” The tie-dye shirts help bring awareness about all forms of cancer and are available at sponsors across the area.

The tie-dye effect also illustrates the need for connectedness, external support and interdisciplinary treatment needed to battle this disease, said Ude, a Seymour native.

“There is national awareness that pink is the color to signify breast cancer, especially during the month of October,” Ude said. “However, there are many types of cancer, and most all have a color associated with them. They are just not as highly and universally recognized.”

The price of the shirts are $10 each, and size XXL is $12, with $5 from every shirt being donated to the cancer center.

“All of the proceeds are deposited into our cancer fund,” Ude said. “The money in this fund is utilized for identified needs at the Don and Dana Myers Cancer Center and cancer patient needs.”

Some of the programs and services the funds have supported include free mammograms for underinsured and uninsured women, prostate screenings, cervical cancer screenings, colorectal screenings, to purchase and upgrade necessary treatment equipment and construction of the cancer center facility.

Other ways people can donate to the cancer fund are by cash gifts, online donations and pledges over a multiyear basis.

Employers allow employees to wear their shirts to work that day

Schools, churches, youth groups, etc. can encourage or plan a special events for those who wear a “Faith, Hope, Love — Conquering Cancer” T-shirts

Start a social media challenge frenzy, similar to the bucket challenge

Host a ’60s theme party or cookout — all attendees must purchase and wear their “Faith, Hope, Love — Conquering Cancer” T-shirt

Be creative and come up with your own ideas and post it on social media

On the Web

For information about the fundraiser, visit wjaa.net or schneckfoundation.org.

Or contact Schneck Medical Center at 812-524-4244 or Robert Becker at 812-523-3343 or robert@wjaa.net.

Those interested in purchasing a “Faith Hope Love” tie-dye shirt can find a complete list of sponsor locations online at the Radio 96.3 Cure page.