Library spends week celebrating friends

The Jackson County Public Library has spent this week celebrating its Friends of the Jackson County Public Library group as part of the 11th annual celebration of National Friends of the Library Week.

Friends of the Jackson County Public Library was formed in 1977 to support the library.

The organizing officers were Wayne Proell, temporary chairman, and Carol Wait, secretary. Herbert Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. William Schmitt, Betty Elsner, Judy Michael, Marita Douglas and Leora Topie were members of the bylaws committee.

Current officers are January Rutherford, president; Teddi Ashcraft, vice president; Billie Richardson, secretary; and Sandi Hall, treasurer. Jim Daily, Joyce Fouts, Linda Jacobsen, Karen March and Ann Schwein are board members.

While public funding covers the costs of salaries for professional staff, utilities and other operational costs, the library often looks to private sources of funding for a portion of the budget each year.

Friends of the Jackson County Public Library always is looking for volunteers. To volunteer to help with these flexible activities, contact Ashcraft at or Rutherford at