Fort Vallonia Days contest results

Results of some of the contests during the 48th annual Fort Vallonia Days Festival’s on Oct. 15 and 16 have been released:

Tomahawk throw

Youth: Tyler Ratliff, Heltonville, first; D. Davis, Pekin, second; Anthony Badamo, Carrollton, third.

High score combined: Ratliff

Women: Mamie Boling, Vallonia, first; Kyra Baxter, Elizabethtown, second; Donna Newport, Carrollton, Kentucky, third.

High score combined: Boling

Men: Zack Davis, North Vernon, first; Jeff Newport, Carrollton, Kentucky, second; David Boling, Vallonia, third.

High score combined: Newport

Open knife

Preston Gerbig, Seymour, first; Joe-D Baxter, Elizabethtown, second; Mike McCory, Medora, third.

High score combined: Gerbig

Horseshoe pitch

Wayne Wagner, Seymour, first; Leroy Salmon, Seymour, second; Roger Martin, Salem, third.

Baby contest

Girls 0 to 6 months

Third place: Nya Ault (Payton and Amanda Ault)

Second place: Ansley Williams (Chance and Kylinda Williams)

First place: Eleanor Henry (Amanda and Zach Henry)

Boys 0 to 6 months

Second place: Alyster Hortenberry (Micheal and Kyla Hortenberry)

First place: Patrick Murphy (Heather and Alex Murphy)

Girls 7 to 12 months

Third place: Naomi French (Tangi and Paul French)

Second place: Kinzlee Anderson (Glen and Zalie Anderson)

First place: Oakleigh Caffee (Kyliegh Caffee)

Boys 7 to 12 months

Second place: Zane Stahl (Denver and Joanne Stahl)

First place: Briar Rainey (Annette and Evan Rainey)

Girls 13 to 24 months

Third place: Maebry Salmon (Luke and Monica Salmon)

Second place: Emryne Bowling (Casey and Hannah Bowling)

First place: Kennadi Black (Jordyn and Jordan Black)

Boys 13 to 24 months

First place: Liam Stuckwisch (Marty and Angie Stuckwisch)

Girls 2 to 3 years

Third place: Kinsley Markel (Drew and Sharon Markel)

Second place: Karcynn Ray (Lorgan and Courtne Ray)

First place: Kamryn Marshall (Kira and Adam Marshall)

Boys 2 to 3 years

First place: Aiden Baughman (Alasha Burns and Derek Baughman)

Baking contest

Persimmon pudding: Lori Franklin, Seymour

Pie/cobbler: Lori Underwood, North Vernon

Taste of the Season (toffee flavor): Lori Underwood, North Vernon

Other results

Bean bag toss winners

Scott Deaton, Scottsburg, and Dale Monroe, Madison, first; Jimmy Monroe, Scottsburg, and Gary Jackson, Dupont, second; Jacob Johnson and Jayme Mikel, both of Seymour, third; Logan Dunn and Paul French, both of Brownstown, fourth.

Flea market booth winners

Larry Stuckwisch, first; Mike Oliver, second; Mark Ferri, third.

Craft booth winners

Amy Shumaker, first; William Livesay, second; Phil Nale, third.