From the gridiron, to diamond, to hardwood

Three-sport player versatile on court, fields

Carson Lambring couldn’t pass up playing on the football team his senior year.

After stepping away from the gridiron his sophomore and junior years to focus on basketball, he decided to rejoin the team as a senior.

“I’ve always loved football since I was little,” Lambring said. “I grew up watching my brother play for coach (Reed) May. I went to all of his games. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for football. I missed it and really wanted to come back out.”

This season, Lambring has played as a receiver and corner for the Braves.

He has three interceptions and two touchdowns on the season despite a minor setback.

Part-way through the season, he broke his hand.

After surgery, he got a hard cast to expedite the return process to a four-week recovery. He played with a club until getting the cast removed recently.

“I have some pretty good hands, so I can catch the ball,” Lambring said. “I’m kind of quick and am shifty, so I can run with the ball a little bit.”

This winter, Lambring will return to the Braves’ basketball team as a point guard.

He said that he has been dribbling the ball for as long as he can remember.

“I’ve been playing since I could walk,” Lambring said. “My dad was a coach for my brother, and I went to every practice and game. I’ve been playing my whole left.”

This season, Lambring anticipates a new role on the floor.

“I can make a lot of stuff happen in the game,” Lambring said. “I’m very quick with the ball and a fairly decent shooter. My role my sophomore and junior years was to play defense. This year, I need to step up and be a little more of a scorer than I was in the past.”

Lambring said that this year’s team is very close-knit.

“I grew up with this group of guys my whole life,” he said. “They are some of my best friends since I can remember. This will be a really fun, special year for me. I would like to win a basketball sectional since it’s the only one I haven’t won. That’s my expectation for this season.”

Last spring, Lambring often started as the Braves’ center fielder.

One of his best memories in athletics is winning the sectional in 2015.

“It’s something I never dreamed of experiencing,” Lambring said. “Nobody thought that game would happen. It was one of the most fun games and years I’ve ever been a part of.”

While it’s still to be determined, Lambring might shift positions in 2017.

“We’re kind of short some spots, so I might move into the infield,” Lambring said. “Hopefully I will be able to leadoff again. Usually, the pitcher throws a fastball with the first pitch, so I try to get a hit.”

Lambring said it would be hard for him to not play in multiple sports.

“I don’t necessarily have a favorite sport,” he said. “It’s whatever sport I’m playing at the time. I love playing sports, and I’ve done it my whole life. I’m always doing something, I’ve never had much down time.”

When it’s all said and done, he will never forget the memories on the football field, hardwood and diamond.

“I’m going to miss everything about it,” Lambring said. “The community supports the athletes so well here. Like my brother and sister told me, it’s all going to go by fast. It has.”

Lambring file

Name: Carson Lambring

School: Brownstown Central High School

Parents: Carey and Cindy Lambring

Siblings: Chandler Lambring, Cassidy Wurtzburger.

Sports: Football, two years; basketball, four years; baseball, four years

Athletics highlights: Winning baseball and basketball sectionals.

Plans after high school: Study agriculture business

Favorite food: Steak

Favorite TV show: “The Ranch”

Favorite musician: Chris Stapleton

Favorite movie: “Without a Paddle”

Favorite team: Indianapolis Colts

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