In the action: Trinity athlete likes camaraderie on court, pitch

Laney Acton listed several reasons why she has competed in soccer and basketball at Trinity Lutheran High School.

The senior was glad the school started a girls soccer program two years ago, and she enjoyed competing in that sport the past two falls.

In basketball, she’s had the opportunity to play with her sister, Piper, the past three seasons.

Acton played right defensive back on the pitch.

“I got to help out my teammates to keep the other team from scoring,” Acton said. “We would clear it out to our offensive players and they would go down and try to score. It was just really fun.”

Acton, who said she had never played soccer until her junior year, said she enjoyed the physical contact of the sport.

She’s seen the team and program row in just a short time.

“I liked our teamwork,” Acton said. “In our first year, there were several of us that hadn’t played soccer and weren’t familiar how to play, but we never got down on ourselves. We just pushed ourselves really hard. When we were in tough matchups we just kept playing.”

Her highlight in soccer was helping the Cougars win their opening match in the sectional her junior year.

On the hardwood, Acton heeded the opportunity to play with her younger sister.

“I like going out there and playing my best, and rebound and shoot, and I like playing with my sister out on the court,” Acton said. “Sometimes we go against each other (at home and at school during practices). We push each other a lot.”

Acton began her basketball career at Lutheran Central School.

Her favorite facet of the sport is the strategy on the court.

“I play in the post at forward,” she said. “I like to play down on the block. They want us to go up strong with it and try to draw a foul and make a 3-point play out of it.

“I like to play on the right side. I like playing against man (defenses). I go to whichever side the ball is on and post up or I go up to the free-throw line and have someone cut through.”

Acton said she also enjoys playing man when the Cougars are on defense and said she likes the help-side defense the team plays.

“That helps our players a lot if they get off-balance,” she said. “I think we do really well in our man-to-man. I like to press.”

As the season winds down, Acton said she thinks the team needs to continue playing as a singular unit for success.

“We need to play together, play with an edge and play hard for 32 minutes and give it our all,” Acton said. “Paying with energy will help us a lot in moving on offense and on defense. Moving our feet will help us a lot.”

Acton said she is pleased she chose to attend Trinity Lutheran.

“I like the small size of the classes, and the teachers can help you one-on-one when you need it,” she said. “I like how we get to go to theology class and learn about God every day and make our faith stronger. I really like that.”

Acton File

Name: Laney Acton

School: Trinity Lutheran High School

Parents: Shawn and Melissa Acton

Sibling: Piper

Sports: Basketball, four years; soccer, four years; volleyball, one year

Organizations: FFA, dance committee

Plans after high school: Attend college, study imaging science

Favorite food: Buffalo chicken wings

Favorite TV show: “Hawaii Five-0”

Favorite musician: Selena Gomez

Favorite movie: “Bad Moms”

Favorite team: Purdue Boilermakers

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Arv Koontz is a sports correspondent for The (Seymour) Tribune.