When Alan and Dana Killey left their home and business in downtown Seymour on Wednesday morning to allow firefighters to put out a dryer fire, they didn’t take any of their belongings.

“We thought we were going to be able to get back in,” Dana Killey said.

On Thursday, she and her husband were able to briefly go into the first floor of their burned-out two-story structure.

The only items they were able to retrieve were a leather purse, some money from a cash register and an application from a student who had just enrolled in Hair Force Beauty Academy. The Killeys also operated Second Street Styles from the academy on the first floor the building at 110 W. Second St.

The business and the upstairs residence the Killeys shared with their two children, Zack and Allison, along with a building at 108 W. Second St. that contained two businesses and an upstairs residence for four other people were destroyed by the fire, reported at 11:14 a.m.

Seymour Fire Chief Brad Lucas allowed the Killeys and family members of Maria Isabel Ponce a chance to go into the first floor of the buildings but not the residences on the second floors.

Ponce’s son, Luis Rizo, and her daughter’s boyfriend, Luis Vargas, were able to carry out four plastic bags of items.

“That’s all,” Ponce said.

The fire left both the Killeys and Ponce, who lived with her husband, son and an aunt, homeless.

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