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While most basketball players enjoy shooting and scoring, Madison Reynolds of Crothersville always looks to set up her teammates for success.

“I like to help set up the plays, such as screening and that kind of stuff,” Reynolds said. “That’s where I like to be in all of (the offense).”

Some of the time, Reynolds likes to post up on a block, while other times you will find her at the high post ready to receive a pass from a guard.

“I’m more comfortable down on the bottom, but occasionally I like elbow jump shots and that kind of thing,” she said.

Her high-point game this season was eight against Rock Creek.

Reynolds said she likes to press on defense.

“We usually press to get our energy up,” she said. “That helps us get into the groove of things.”

Typically playing at the “5” position, Reynolds takes pride in rebounding.

“It is getting position and make sure you don’t let the offensive player get around you,” Reynolds said.

On the schedule, Reynolds always looks forward to playing in sunken gyms like Orleans and West Washington.

Reynolds talked about the importance of practice and said teamwork is the key to the wins.

“There is a lot less drama on the team,” she said. “We work together a lot better. We know each other well, so we function well together and we get on the court and it works.

“Practice is really important. If we practice off, we’ll play off. We’ve got to play well in practice so we play well in games. Communicating is extremely important. One small miss communication can have a domino effect.”

One of Reynolds’ favorite parts of playing basketball at Crothersville is the community involvement.

“I like the atmosphere,” Reynolds said. “It means so much to people around here. It’s really nice to be able to play and contribute to that. It’s kind of like making sure that legacy keeps going.”

The Tigers have won 14 games, and Reynolds said for the team to have success in the sectional, “teamwork and communication are the big things, and make sure we always keep our energy up, and play hard all the time.”

She said her favorite victory came earlier this season in overtime at Trinity Lutheran.

While she looks forward to graduation, Reynolds said she has enjoyed her time at Crothersville High School.

“You get to know everybody,” she said “If you have trouble there is always somebody to go to. I just really like that. It’s kind of like a home. I like the small atmosphere, being able to communicate well with everybody.”

Reynolds file

Name: Madison Reynolds

School: Crothersville High School

Parents: Jeffrey and Kistian Reynolds

Sports: Basketball, four years

Organizations: National Honor Society, Academic Team, Science Club, Future Farmers of America

Plans after high school: Attend Indiana University or IUPUI

Favorite food: Chicken parmesan

Favorite TV show: “Once Upon A Time”

Favorite musician: Ed Sheeran

Favorite movie: “The Breakfast Club”

Favorite team: Indiana University

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