3-sport standout: Trinity athlete likes attending small school

When Lexi Schneider decided she wanted to attend Trinity Lutheran High School, she planned on to being active in sports.

Schneider has fulfilled that goal of playing volleyball and running track all four years, and playing basketball for two years.

She helped the Cougars win three sectionals in volleyball, helped the 400 relay team set the school record in track, and has received special individual awards in both sports.

This spring she has been in the high jump, and ran the 400 and in the 1600 relay.

Schneider said her personal record in the high jump has been 4 feet, 6 inches.

“Hailley (Peters) is my best friend, and she introduced high jump to me,” Schneider said. “It’s fun just to be jumping with her, and its fun to cheer her on I usually get my high jumping in before I run unless it’s a big invitational.”

Schneider’s best time in the 400 has been 1:08, and she is hoping to get to 1:05.

“You have to have a good start because if you don’t start off sprinting you’re not going to do any good,” Schneider said. “It’s really hard to catch up. My start is usually the worst. I also have to build up endurance in the end. I think it’s the hardest race because it’s a sprint the whole time.”

In the relays, Schneider has high expectations in her final season for the 1,600 relay.

“We have a good set of 400 runners this year and I’m hoping we can get the school record,” Schneider said. “The handoffs in the 4×100 have to be quick and precise, but the handoffs in the 4×400 you just have to make sure you don’t lose time. You can’t just stop, you just have to be steady.”

Schneider said her goals are to clear 4-8 in the high jump and help the Cougars win at least one meet since they have a small team.

The senior’s highlight in track was helping the 400 relay team set the school record and qualify for the regional.

During the fall, Schneider was a middle hitter for the volleyball team the past two seasons.

“It’s my favorite sport here at Trinity,” Schneider said. “My main goal when I play is to make sure I get out to the block, because if I don’t get out to the block it just messes the defense, and then it’s on me if the passers didn’t get the ball.”

Schneider said the setter calls the plays on offense, but on defense the coach takes command.

“Our coach will tell us to block line or block cross,” Schneider said. “Other than that it’s all up to us hitters. It’s just in the moment, and it depends on where the other hitter is, too, so we just have to match up with them.”

Up front, Schneider relied on quick reflexes for blocks and kills.

“It’s what you see in your peripheral vision because you’re looking at the ball, but if you see that the blocker is sort of over there you just guess and hit over, and hopefully it lands.”

She said getting a block was exciting.

“Blocks are so empowering because you just feel better,” Schneider said. “You can just make a big face and get all happy. The other thing I also liked is when you just tipped it right over the net. It’s the easiest ball ever. They didn’t get it because it was too short. You didn’t even have to use energy.”

On the floor, communication often made the difference between wins and loses.

“Communication is really important,” Schneider said. “Without communication you’re going to lose. We talk to each other during the play. None of our mouths should be closed. Everybody on the floor should be talking.”

Always moving, Schneider enjoyed the speed of the game and the teamwork it took to be successful.

“I liked how fast paced volleyball is and you get to rely on the other people in case you mess up,” Schneider said. “They’re there to build you up. They can set you up for success. Winning the first set helped make the rest of the games go well because if you win the first you’re in a good attitude and ‘now we can cream them.’”

Lexi’s older brother and sister attended TLHS.

Her mother is a music teacher at the school and her father helped coach the baseball team for a few years.

“I always knew I was coming here,” Schneider said. “I knew I was meant to be here, and I’m glad I did come.

“I like the smaller class sizes and just being more in tune with each other. It’s family and everybody knows each other and teachers treat you like their kids. It’s nice to have a relationship with your teachers.”

Schneider file

Name: Lexi Schneider

School: Trinity Lutheran High School

Parents: Gary and Leah Schneider

Siblings: Layna and Ryan

Sports: Track and field, four years;volleyball, four years; basketball, two years

Athletic awards: Volleyball – sectional champions 3 times, Cougar Award; track- school record in 400 relay, regional qualifier, most improved award.

Organizations: National Honor Soviet, choir, band, drama, student ambassadors, academic super bowl.

Plans after high school: Attend Indiana University

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite TV show: “Gossip Girl”

Favorite musicians: Panic! At The Disco

Favorite movie: “10 Things I Hate About You”

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Arv Koontz is a sports correspondent for The (Seymour) Tribune.