On the links: Golfer enjoys mental aspect of game

Trinity Lutheran’s Kegan Prentice always tries to be as mentally prepared as he can when it comes to playing in a golf match.

It’s his favorite facet of the game.

The senior just completed his fourth year with the Cougars, and helped the team break numerous records throughout the season.

On the course, Prentice said he hit his irons well this spring.

“My irons have been good this year,” Prentice said. “The last few years they were shaky. This year I finally have them under control, my long irons, like my No. 4 and No. 5 irons.”

Prentice said being accurate with your short irons is also important.

“You really have to depend on your short game because if you look at your golf scores, if you’re inside 100 yards, those shots count for over half of your score,” he said. “You always try to improve your short game.”

When on the green, Prentice knows the importance of making the most of each shot.

“You never want to three-putt,” Prentice said. “Three-putts are just shots given to the course, so you always want to keep your ball within two-putt distance at least.”

He said he enjoyed the home matches at Shadowood Golf Course.

“I like the front nine just because the back side I have trouble on the right side of the fairways,” Prentice said. “Usually I like the right to be open, because my drives go left-to-right. At Shadowood I try to shoot 43 to 45. My best score has been 41 on the back. On the front I’m usually a little higher. I enjoy the nine-hole matches better.”

Prentice said his career-low was 40 at Clifty Creek Golf Course in Hope.

“I know I’m (always) going to shoot a good score at Hauser, but my favorite course is Belle Terra at the Rising Star Casino when we played there my freshman year,” Prentice said.

He said you have to be strong mentally in golf.

“The mental aspect is the more challenging part because after you hit a bad shot you can’t focus on the last shot, you have to think about your next one,” he said.

Prentice said he is pleased he chose to attend Trinity Lutheran.

“I like the close-knit feeling you have with all the students,” he said. “The bus rides were a lot of fun.”

Prentice senior focus

Name: Kegan Prentice

School: Trinity Lutheran

Parents: Harold and Christine Prentice

Siblings: Kyle, Cassidy

Sports: golf 4 years, soccer 1 year

Organizations: student ambassador, mock trail, academic bowl

Plans after high school: attend university of Indianapolis and study political science

Favorite food: seafood

Favorite TV show: How I met Your Mother

Favorite singer: Brad Paisley

Favorite movie: Harry Potter

Favorite athlete, team: Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins

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Arv Koontz is a sports correspondent for The (Seymour) Tribune.