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Golfers list different things when asked about the strongest part of their game.

Chanler Fleetwood of Brownstown Central considers the short game to be his strength.

“Probably my short game, scrambling is my strength,” he said. “I scramble well, get up-and-down.”

Fleetwood started playing golf in eighth grade and said he was hooked.

He played through his sophomore year, than sat out his junior season.

“They were short of players so Gavin (Bane) and I came back this year,” Fleetwood said.

Fleetwood played No. 2 or 3 this spring, and earned All-Mid-Southern Conference First Team honors and helped the Braves place second in the MSC tourney.

He said he would like to add yardage to his drives.

“I’m a short player,’ Fleetwood said. “I’ll have 20 more yards into most greens (than most players). I struggled hitting fairways early this year, but late in the season I upped my fairway percentage.

“My long irons were pretty good this year. I’ve been striking the ball pretty well lately. At conference I struck the ball pretty well.”

Fleetwood said his low round at Hickory Hills is 40.

His career-low is the 39 she shot at Wooded View (MSC) and his low for 18 holes is the 80 she shot that day.

On the links, the elements always play factor.

“The wind has probably been the main factor this year as far as the weather goes,” Fleetwood said. “It was hallowing a couple of matches. It can affect your ball. I’ve had some shots into greens and the wind would knock the ball down. Sometimes you have to up two clubs.”

Fleetwood enjoyed the home matches.

“I like Hickory Hills. It’s the course I grew up playing,” Fleetwood said. “It is in pretty good shape and it’s getting better each year.”

The senior enjoyed the bigger competitions.

“Golf has been fun. I enjoy the tournaments more than anything,” Fleetwood said. “Tournaments give you a different atmosphere. When you step up you’ve got to make a good stroke. You don’t want to grip your putter too hard or you’ll catch yourself getting mad or frustrated.

“That really can affect your putting. I always tell myself to just keep a soft grip and don’t strain the club or anything. Hit a good stroke through the ball. The mental part is everything.”

Repetition helps lower scores, according to Fleetwood.

“Practice is key, mainly short-game practice,” Fleetwood said. “Spending time around the green chipping and putting is important. You have to be able to make strokes.”

Fleetwood enjoyed attending BCHS.

“I enjoyed every minute,” Fleetwood said. “Its been fun, but I’m ready for college. I’ve taken a lot of dual-credit courses.”

Fleetwood File

Name: Chanler Fleetwood

School: Brownstown Central

Parents: Mason and Tawnya Fleetwood

Sibling: Colton

Sports: golf 4 years

Athletic highlights: 2017 All-Mid Southern Conference

Organizations: Sportsman’s Club, BCHS Bass Club

Plans after high school: attend Purdue University

Favorite food: pizza

Favorite TV show: That 70s Show

Favorite musician: Jason Aldean

Favorite movie: Tin Cup

Favorite team: Brett Favre

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Arv Koontz is a sports correspondent for The (Seymour) Tribune.