Theater company presenting play

“Hollywood Hillbillies” will be presented by the Seymour High School Theatre Company at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday in the school’s Earl D. Prout Auditorium off of Community Drive.

The cost is $5 at the door. Doors open at 6:45 p.m.

Gram Hawley (played by Alexia York) and granddaughter Cindy Lou (Brooklyn Cole) run the general store in Happy Hollow deep in the Ozarks, but there is a new highway coming through, and that means Happy Hollow soon will be dynamited off the map.

It’s discovered Gram’s property contains the biggest store of natural gas ever, and a couple of crooks want to have the unsuspecting Gram sign her land over to them. Enter some folks from Hollywood who insist on making a movie about life in the hills — if they can find some money — and some snobbish California relatives who loathe every minute with the weird Hawleys.

Other members of the cast include Derick Sowers as cousin Clem, Lacie Teesdale (Matilda Quail), Yesenia Varela (Henrietta Paxwax), Noah Nicholson (Charles Seabury), Krystal Lasley (Alice), Sydney Johnson (Josephine Seabury), Grace Beach (Charlotte Seabury), Dylan Johnson (Bubba), Phoebe Hughel (Isabelle Phelps), Ethan Ortman (Sheriff Tom Applegate), Danny Stout (Ralph Cavett), Sierra Perry (Opal Edwards), Sarah Shubert (Miss Lennox), Conner Ortman (Jim Foxhall), Ester Baltazar (Lucy Valentine), Alesha Graham (Finlandia), Brooklyn Zabel (Vera) and Bryanna Bailey (Miss Kearns).

The director is Erik Stangland, and the student director is Grace Hartman.