KETCHIKAN, Alaska — The Alaska ferry Taku did not receive any bids during the state Marine Highway System’s most recent attempt at selling it.

The minimum bid on the ship will now drop, CoastAlaska News reported ( ) Monday. A previous attempt at selling the ship priced it at $1.5 million, while the latest attempt had a minimum bid of $700,000.

The Taku will be out for bidding one more time at a price that’s yet to be determined, Highway system General Manager John Falvey said

If no one buys it, the ferry could be sold for scrap, he said.

“We’ve had quite a bit of interest,” he said. “We’ve probably had upwards of 25 calls or emails with interest, but no bids.”

The ferry system took the 54-year-old ship out of service about two years ago. It’s being kept at Ketchikan’s Ward Cove.

It’s in pretty good shape, Falvey said. But it would need some upgrades and permits before it could carry passengers again.

“The boat was certified by our Coast Guard,” He said. “It was operational. It was safe. I would have to assume that it shouldn’t need anything more than minor maintenance to get it running again because it sat so long.”

The Taku is about 350 feet (107 meters) long and can carry up to 50 vehicles and 350 passengers. It has 40 staterooms, a cafeteria, observation lounges and a covered solarium.