Event seeks artisans, craftsmen

The Hayden Historical Museum is working to create a fun learning environment at its Pioneer Days celebration and is looking for artisans and craftsmen to demonstrate the types of skills used by pioneers.

The event is set for Sept. 2 at the museum, 6715 W. County Road 20S.

“We are looking for artists and craftsmen that have learned and can demonstrate the kinds of skills the early pioneers used in their daily lives,” Hayden Historical Museum director Rodger Ruddick said. “We want to have a living history day, where people can interact with things that are nearly forgotten in our modern world.”

He said some individuals who have learned skills from the past enjoy sharing them with others, such as those who have learned candle making.

“Most pioneers knew how to make their own candles, but few people know how to do that today. There are people who make candles as a hobby or craft, and those people often sell their wares at local festivals. We would like those people to set up at our festival and demonstrate the process,” Ruddick said.

Some additional examples of activities the museum would like to demonstrate at Pioneer Days are:

Tomahawk throwing

Soap making

Butter churning

Fiber spinning


Rope making


Leather work

Corn shelling

Volunteers are welcome to dress in period costume and reenact pioneer life or just perform demonstrations of pioneer skills, Ruddick said.

Ruddick added that he’s looking for these artisans and craftsmen now, months ahead of Pioneer Days, because they are popular draws at festivals.

Individuals or groups interested in participating in this year’s Pioneer Days should contact the Hayden Historical Museum by calling 812-592-8445 or sending an e-mail to haydenmu@seidata.com.