Letter: Aluminum is a toxin that’s in everything we eat

To the editor:

This reader (me) is in a bit of a quandary. Everyone (or almost) should know aluminum is classified as a “heavy” metal albeit light in weight.

It also is a known toxin to the human body, so can someone please help me to understand why it is in so many products people use every day, baking powder, antiperspirants (not deodorant), vaccines and now it is listed as an ingredient in Walmart angel food cakes.

Aluminum is not dissipated by the body, it just lays in the cells and builds up over time. Building up eventually in the brain is a main catalyst if not direct cause of Alzheimer’s.

Have you ever had a loved one with Alzheimer’s? Has he/she ever been checked for heavy metals in the blood?

I cannot understand why the manufacturers of these various products think they have to put a known toxin in them.

Be a label reader. Improve your health.

Bill Kendall