Playing both sides

Dristan Schrink played football in Seymour during middle school and continued through his sophomore year at Seymour High School.

He decided to concentrate on working last fall but missed the game and decided to return for his senior year.

“I’m really glad I came out,” Schrink said. “I’m enjoying everyone coming together. It’s our last chance to play together. It’s kind of sad. It’s my last go-around playing as a senior.”

Schrink, who played on special teams his sophomore year, has helped the Owls on both sides of the ball this season.

He’s playing split end on offense and in the secondary on defense.

Offensively, he has caught two passes, while on defense, he has one tackle and one fumble recovery.

On offense, Schrink looks to make plays.

“I really like scoring,” he said. “Scoring is one of the favorite things for every football player. Defense is really fun. You get to work as a team.

“Fade (routes) are probably my favorite (pass pattern) because you get to go head-to-head with somebody, and you just go up and get the ball. I use my speed.”

He said he prefers to play on the right side so he can catch the ball over his left shoulder.

On defense, he said, “They have me practicing at corner this week. I talked to Coach (Mike) Kelly, and he said he wants me to start working at corner. Corner is really fun to play.”

Schrink said he enjoys playing man defense more than he does zone.

“Against New Albany, I think we’re playing man, so I’ll just play man-to-man,” Schrink said. “Their receivers are really athletic and fast. They run the ball a lot. They have a really good tailback.

“I look at their feet. I don’t play the run until it comes to me. I just focus on the pass. The ends are supposed to keep everything inside. If they bounce it out, I just come up and make the tackle. Whenever the receiver comes in, I have to call out ‘crack’ or else whoever is playing safety or outside linebacker will get hit really hard. You just have to be aware of where he is going.”

The senior began preparing for this season last November when he began lifting weights on a regular basis.

“Weights are really important,” Schrink said. “You can get a lot faster and stronger.”

Schrink said practice is important.

“If you’re not there, you’re missing a lot,” he said. “We’re constantly installing new stuff. Every week, we’re putting in something new to work with the defense we’re going against.

“I’ll remember all the hard work we put in over the summer, learning a whole new offense and defense. Bedford was a huge win. They were 4-0. They were No. 8 in the state, and we upset them.”

Schrink said he has enjoyed being a student at SHS. He will graduate at midterm and plans to study law enforcement and become a police officer.

Schrink file

Name: Dristan Schrink

School: Seymour High School

Parents: Kristi Schrink, Brian Schrink

Siblings: Drew, Jessica, Ruker, Brittany, Kaitlyn

Sport: Football, three years

Plans after high school: Attend law enforcement school to become a police officer

Favorite food: Chicken

Favorite TV show: “One Tree Hill”

Favorite team: University of Louisville

Coaches' awards

Seymour’s coaches announced the Players of the Game for last week’s 41-7 win at Jennings County.

Offense: Back, Alan Perry; wide receiver, Devin Hill; lineman, Caleb Madden

Defense: Back, Alex Holt; linebacker, Hill; lineman, Brendan McCartney

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Arv Koontz is a sports correspondent for The (Seymour) Tribune.