PHOENIX — Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes apologized Wednesday for recent inflammatory online comments made to a candidate for the Arizona Legislature who had criticized the design of election ballots.

In a five-minute video on his Facebook page, Fontes said he was sorry for his “inappropriate and rude comments” to State House District 13 candidate Nathan Schneider and apologized to all county voters and residents and the elections department.

Schneider complained on his own Facebook page Sunday that the county’s Nov. 7 election date was hard for him and his mother to find on the mail-in ballot and ballot inserts and wasn’t printed on the envelope.

“The public should not be forced to make assumptions when voting,” Schneider wrote. “Adrian Fontes doesn’t listen to me, but if any of you have his ear, maybe you could ask him why they are not labeling the Election Day on the ballot and making it more legible, easier to find, and easier to identify.”

“How about you go F-yourself,” wrote Fontes. “If you can’t handle a little social media heat, then don’t criticize. By the way, is your Mom also running your campaign? She seems to solve all your problems.”

Schneider responded with “low standards and unprofessional conduct by Arizona’s elected officials is exactly why we are having problems. Help raise the quality of discourse and lead by example.”

Some users of Facebook questioned Fontes’ conduct in the social media tirade.

Fontes was elected to the job last year and promised better representation and communication with voters.

In his video message Wednesday, Fontes apologized to all county voters, other elected officers and residents and the elections department plus his family, friends and supporters. He did not mention Schneider by name.

“I got this one wrong. I’m sorry. I’ll try to do better,” Fontes said.