Family heirlooms stolen from Seymour porch

Since 1963, Don Fourman has lived at the same residence on Kessler Boulevard in Seymour.

He married his wife, Elizabeth, in 2009, and they have lived there since.

The couple say the neighborhood is a nice one that has not given them many problems until recently.

In late October, the couple did their usual Tuesday morning routine of having breakfast with their Sunday school class when a neighbor called them to alert them someone was taking things from their porch.

Elizabeth Fourman said a hooded man took two antiques given to her by her late father, and it appeared the man was familiar with their routine.

“Evidently, he knew our plans, and he knew what he wanted,” she said. “He came about 10 to 15 minutes after we left, and I think he knew our schedule.”

The couple had a security system installed a few years ago, and Elizabeth said she was thankful because they have a description of the man.

Even though they have video of the theft, she doesn’t have much confidence she will get her items back.

“I don’t have high hopes of finding them,” she said of an antique 5-gallon crock and old-fashioned moonshine jar.

The items are more sentimentally valuable than monetarily, she said.

“That’s the stuff my dad gave me, and they’re not worth a fortune, but he passed in 1980, and I’ve kept them, so they meant something to me, and I didn’t think something like this would happen,” she said.

Since the Fourmans experienced the theft, another neighbor has had items taken from her porch.

“Just three houses away from the neighbor that saw our stuff taken,” Elizabeth said. “Everyone is more on alert, and we’ve been watching things closely since.”

Officer Chip Petro said the Seymour Police Department has responded to similar thefts in the area. Whether the same man was involved is just speculation, he said.

“It’s just assuming at that point they’re from the same person, but we have had similar incidents in that area,” he said.

All police have been able to rely on is the description provided from the video.

“He’s a white male wearing a hoodie with the hood pulled up, and it looks like he had a ski mask on,” Petro said.

Elizabeth said the neighborhood always has been one that looks out for one another and been great to the couple.

“We have nice neighbors, and we don’t have problems because it’s a nice neighborhood,” she said. “This shocked us and made us mad.”

Elizabeth said she hasn’t been given much of an update from police and doesn’t expect to.

“It would be nice to get our stuff back, but I don’t think we will,” she said.

Petro said if local residents have any information on the thefts or see something suspicious in their neighborhood, call the department immediately.

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If you have any information related to the thefts on Kessler Boulevard in Seymour, call the Seymour Police Department at 812-522-1234.

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Jordan Richart is a correspondent for The (Seymour) Tribune.