Friends and Neighbors Home Extension Club

President Ruby Niccum called the meeting of the Friends and Neighbors Extension Homemakers Club to order and then introduced Lin Montgomery, public health coordinator of the Jackson County Health Department.

Montgomery spoke to the group on family emergency preparedness. She said everyone needs to have a disaster plan in place together with a disaster supply kit. She passed out a workbook that details several very useful tips and a list of items to be placed in a five-gallon bucket.

In addition, each family member should have their own to-go bag containing clothes, extra shoes or boots, jackets, etc. For a child, be sure to include a couple of books and/or toys.

Important papers should be copied and placed in ziplock baggies. This information becomes important based on all of the hurricanes, fires, etc. that have occurred in recent months.

Niccum then led the group in the pledge to the American flag and the club creed.

Devotional leader Judy Carter used 2 Chronicles 20:14-22 as the basis for her study, “A Reason to Sing.” God encourages us to praise him for good reasons. Praising God has power to change our thoughts, our heart and our lives.

Rhonda Kidwell shared information for the Fall Fling, which was Nov. 7 at Cornerstone Community Church. Members were asked to help with setup and bring a covered dish to share and an item for the food pantries.

Niccum reminded everyone of the bake sale, which was Nov. 4 at Immanuel Lutheran Church.

The secretary’s report was read and approved. The treasurer’s report was unchanged from last month. Several thank-you notes from 4-H club members were circulated.

Citizenship leader Martha McIntire said all new laws have to be passed through both houses. A new law that is trying to get passed relates to collecting state taxes when buying online. A few interesting new laws are you cannot sell fake urine, you cannot use a drone to spy or harass individuals, children under 18 have to wear helmets on all-terrain vehicles and public school students can express opinions on religion without fear of reprisal.

Continuing education leader Louise Cox had a lesson on “How Cool It Is!” in which she stated ways to keep ourselves healthy. Citrus fruit is a good source of fiber and vitamin C while low in calories. She divided the group into two teams, and Team 1 won.

It was decided that the Christmas party will be Dec. 5, and a couple of the members will decide the location.