MADISON, Wis. — Newly released records show at least 11 sexual misconduct complaints against University of Wisconsin System employees since 2014 led to the loss of their jobs or were followed by their resignations.

UW System and UW-Madison officials released the records following media requests, the Wisconsin State Journal reported . The names of the subjects of the complaints weren’t included in the records.

The UW System database contains 56 complaints and information about the institution listed in each complaint, a summary of allegations, findings from investigations and outcomes. Investigatory and disciplinary records weren’t included, nor did the database include information from the Madison or Milwaukee campuses.

UW-Madison provided an overview of seven complaints since 2015 that led to formal investigations. UW-Milwaukee didn’t immediately respond to records requests.

Some employees who didn’t leave their jobs faced other forms of discipline or sanctions. Some received formal reprimands, were required to undergo sexual harassment training or had their interactions with students restricted.

At least nine cases took no action or didn’t substantiate complaints after investigators found no violations of university policy. At least two complaints are still pending.

Sexual misconduct reports among employees have recently increased, the system said. The rise is positive because it shows that more victims are willing to come forward, officials said. The system now has mandatory sexual harassment training for all employees. It’s also creating a website where victims of sexual violence or harassment can find support services, such as counseling, medical assistance and reporting information.

“We are focused on changing the culture on our campuses and beyond so victims feel empowered to come forward,” President Ray Cross said.

The system has more than 32,000 employees.

Information from: Wisconsin State Journal,