TALLHASSEE, Fla. — Florida’s outspoken Republican House speaker and the Democratic mayor of Tallahassee are going to debate each other face-to-face after clashing on Twitter.

Mayor Andrew Gillum and Speaker Richard Corcoran have been at odds over immigration policies.

The Florida House passed a bill that would crackdown on so-called “sanctuary cities” that do not cooperate with federal immigration authorities. Corcoran sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security asking them to investigate Gillum for Tallahassee’s policies.

Corcoran’s political committee also started airing a provocative television ad regarding sanctuary cities that depicts a young woman getting gunned down.

Gillum has criticized Corcoran, prompting the Land O’ Lakes legislator to say he would debate him “anywhere, anytime.” Gillum accepted the offer on Wednesday.

Gillum is running for governor and Corcoran is expected to jump in the race later this year.