Letter: Let representatives know your support of firearms

Recently, U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly had a post-election epiphany about gay marriage. I expect Mr. Donnelly to “evolve” on more issues as they are presented for a vote in the Senate.

I recently contacted Mr. Donnelly’s office on the issue of cloture on a vote on gun control. I received a very nice response a few days latter, reaffirming his support of the Second Amendment. He also stated he would support extended background checks and mental health screenings. Sounds good, right?

If one looks at the way Democrats propose and enforce these mental heath mandates, it might leave a little to be desired. As proposed, if an individual admitted themselves for drug or alcohol rehabilitation, they would be barred for life. An individual who honorably served their country and needed support for post-traumatic stress, barred for life.

Neighbor doesn’t like you and calls authorities accusing you of being unstable, it’s your responsibility to prove it unfounded. Vice President Joe Biden claims it would only pertain to “adjudicated” cases of mental instability. It might come as a surprise but adjudicated instability is already a disqualifying factor.

Recently, the Democrat legislatures of New York and Connecticut jammed such regulations down the throats of their citizens. If anyone has been following these recent developments, you can see how the Democrats and their brown shirts intend to enforce these statutes. On April 4, a man from New York had his guns confiscated and his firearms license revoked after his 10-year-old child made comments at school about pellet guns, paintball guns and water pistols. It makes no difference that the child had no access to any of those things. The father is now looking at a multiyear suspension of his gun permit.

Remember when you are dealing with Democrats, it’s the seriousness of the charge, not a preponderance of the evidence.

How about the family that posted a photo of their child holding a .22-caliber rifle that looks like an assault rifle? The New Jersey child welfare department charged them with child abuse and tried to have the child removed from the home.

In Connecticut, the governor threatened to have a Navy veteran arrested for questioning the constitutionality of the gun ban, as enacted. Connecticut just enacted the law without public input, one of those midnight Democrat deals. It’s worthwhile to remember that if a Democrat is in power, you have constitutional rights at the pleasure of your ruler.

The administration and the supporters of gun control exaggerate the statistics horribly. In fact, there have been more people clubbed to death than killed with long guns, including assault weapons. Gun homicides are on the decline and have been for several years, with 78 percent of the more than 3,100 counties having zero homicides annually and having the highest gun ownership numbers. Three percent of the counties have 70 percent of homicides, and that same 3 percent have the lowest ownership of firearms.

I would urge people to contact Mr. Donnelly’s office and express their opinion on the subject. If you are pro-Second Amendment it will do little good, as the Democrat Party has told senators who choose not to support Obama’s position that they would not enjoy funding from the party in their re-election efforts. It would still be fun to jam the switchboard, though.

I would also encourage you to contact your representative at the Statehouse and urge the Indiana General Assembly to give us a method of recall. The citizens of the state need a vehicle to remove legislators who only represent their constituents at election. It is up to the constituents to make their will known.

George S. Geabes


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