Letter: Restricting gun ownership leaves us defenseless

To the Editor:

Other than being Democrat, why would anyone vote for President Barack Obama?

If you are a Christian, he is for gay rights, abortion, doing away with National Prayer Day and Muslim rights.

If you are an American, he is for illegal immigrants being admitted to the United Sates without learning about this country and for sharing all the Social Security that you have paid into with these immigrants who have paid nothing.

If he gives gays the same rights as the ones who have worked for their Social Security, it will give them benefits to their spouses’ Social Security.

What really scares me is that his administration has ordered 4 million rounds of ammunition for Homeland Security that the military cannot use because of the body damage it does to a person. It is not only to kill but to inflict wounds that are basically life threatening.

He is also for total gun control. Take away our guns, and we will be like England during World War II and not have the weapons to protect our country. Who do you think will come to our aid? England can’t because their citizens are not allowed guns. France or Germany can’t for the same reasons. Where would we get help?

God bless and pray that God controls this election.

Hubert Gregory


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