Letter: School projects not budgeted properly

To the Editor:

In response to The Tribune’s recent editorial that people should get behind the Brownstown Community Schools renovations, I think you should consider the following:

1. It is easy to support something that doesn’t affect you.

2. As far as the Freetown area is concerned, the school is gone and doesn’t enter into the picture as you suggested. This is strictly a property tax issue.

3. Had the school board been willing to compromise on the project by doing what was absolutely necessary and bringing the scope of the project down to $17 million, property taxes would not have been affected too much. Since they refused to discuss the matter, the remonstrance is the only way for the people to have a say.

4. This doesn’t just affect Freetown, it affects seven townships. It will be a real burden on all in those townships who are on fixed incomes and those that have large acreage, not just now but for the next 22 years.

5. No one is opposed to keeping the technology updated, or the security changes, or the necessary maintenance updates; but the other projects could have been done in the next few years if budgeted properly without putting such a burden on the property owners in seven townships all at once.

6. There will be no winner in this process, just one side will prevail.

7. The only good thing in this process is that those for and those opposed at least had the opportunity to voice an opinion.

8. The sad thing is that it could have all been avoided.

Russell Fritz


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