Letter: 'Tyrant' Obama unfit to command country

Bill Kendall


To the editor:

It is historical fact that nearly all tyrants go insane at some point before their demise. From Nero to Nebuchadnezzar to Hitler to Stalin all murderous despots who killed multiple millions of their own people met most horrible deaths. Could this be God’s judgment for crimes against humanity?

One of the first signs of this is paranoia, a fear someone is out to kill you or do you great harm. Just recently President Barack Obama signed legislation to give all former living presidents lifetime secret service protection. It used to be 10 years. What is wrong, Mr. Obama? Have you already done so much harm with campaign lies, illegal wars (Libya), excessive executive orders that are unconstitutional, fraud and who knows what else that your conscience is already starting to crack?

The longer he stays in office the more totalitarian this nation will become. This man is unfit to command and needs to be removed from office. Keep your eyes on him.


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