Letter: Why was dog cruelly shot in near its home?

Leah Bias


To the Editor:

We have lived at our residence for almost 20 years.

One recent weekend, like most weekends, our granddaughter visited and we spent time in the yard doing the usual things one does in the country.

One of our dogs happened to go off our property and the next thing we know, our dog was shot twice in the back of the head and was dragged into the woods.

We had all been out there playing and messing around the whole day. What is wrong with some people today? That was an innocent, friendly, small dog that was of no harm to anyone. She could have been chased away. If the person who shot our dog was so eager to fire their gun, why not shoot it into the air and scare it off?

Instead, this person committed a senseless, cruel act that has traumatized our granddaughter and, quite frankly, hasn’t done much for me, either.

We contacted police and were told they couldn’t do anything to help. So this is what we can do for the little dog who was dumped at our house two months ago and became a part of our family? We loved Missy in the short time we had her.

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