Your Views 10/02/12

Asking candidates tough questions critical for election

To the Editor:

It seems the main thing or perhaps the only platform any candidate can harp on to get elected is jobs, jobs, jobs. Well we had jobs until Bill Clinton and Al Gore sold us out with NAFTA, Cafta and Gatt. The very people who supported him were sold out by him.

I would like to ask some questions of this group of candidates:

1) When do you plan on ending the budget busting Middle East war? It wrecked the Russian economy in the 1980s.

2) Are you going to bring our soldiers home anytime in the near future? After 3-4-5 duty tours and the service rate is up 80 percent among them, not to mention the survivors who are mentally and physically scarred for life.

3) What about dismantling the Federal Reserve and doing away with this “fiat currency” we call money? Let Congress do their constitutional job of coining money.

4) What about shrinking the size of this bloated giant we call government? I could name a half dozen departments that are totally useless, starting with the Department of Energy.

5) How about repealing unconstitutional laws that have been passed in the last decade such as the “Patriot Act” one and two, the military Commissions Act, John Warner Defense Authorization Act and, oh yes, the National Defense Authorization Act that President Barack Obama signed into law New Year’s Eve that allows American citizens to be kidnapped, locked up, no counsel, no charges indefinitely because of suspected terrorist activity. What happened to due process?

Nobody is asking the tough questions and the corporate controlled news media ABC, NBC, CBS, and, yes, Fox are totally worthless unless you like song and dance and smoke and mirrors.

No, friends, unless the American people come out of their trance soon, our nation as we know it (or knew it) is pretty much a thing of the past.

Bill Kendall


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